Questions for those considering the Practitioner Track

  1. What kind of practitioner do I have to be to join the Practitioner Track of Intuitive Detox Mastery? - Any kind of wellness practitioner is welcome to join the Practitioner Track.
  2. Can I join, if I am in a program to become a practitioner right now? - Yes, you can. Please tell us in the form where you are certifying from at the moment.
  3. Can I join, if I am a practitioner, but not actually in practice? - Yes, you can. Please tell us what kind of practitioner you are and where you certified from.
  4. Can I join, if I want to become a practitioner in the future? I am not enrolled in a program as of right now. - No, you must be either already in practice or in a program to be a practitioner to sign up.
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