What is the difference between the Intuitive Cleanse and the Intuitive Detox Mastery?

The Intuitive Cleanse is about the food. It’s a basic introduction to the Medical Medium® lifestyle & helps you prevent the basic mistakes people make when starting out.

Mastery is an advanced-level, in-depth program that is teaching you how to be your own Intuitive Master. You will be engaged in learning:

  • How to exit the autoimmune and adrenal cycles, which keep us trapped in the hamster wheel of chronic illness
  • About various topics, such as herbs, tonics, teas, supplements, children’s health, freeing your home of toxins, etc.
  • About the importance of emotional healing with several emotional support tools, a  judgement-free  community, and spirituality and faith-building activities.
  • How to apply mindset and belief shifts that can propel your journey in a powerful way.
  • How to connect with your own intuition to make better decisions and choices on your healing journey.  
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