How do I access the member portal mobile app

Muneeza's course portal uses the Kajabi platform. You can download the mobile app to view your courses through the app. Some of the interactive features in the app are not available anymore so you need to view it through the web browser. If you are on the app, it will show a popup that will take you to open a browser if you are opening a page that requires user-interaction.

Don't have the app yet? Click below to download the app:

Now that you have downloaded the App, let's log in.

To log in to the Kajabi Mobile app:

  • Open the app then click Get Started.
  • Enter the email address used at checkout. You will then be directed to confirm your account via email. 
  • Confirm your account on your device by clicking Confirm Email Address. (Alternatively, copy the six digit code in your email and paste it in the Kajabi app):
  • Once your email is confirmed, click Open Kajabi App.
  • You will then see your library. Select the courses you wish to use on the mobile app. 
  • Once it has finished loading, you can use the mobile app for your selected courses:
Tip: If you are experiencing issues logging in, follow the Kajabi App Troubleshooting Guide!

NOTE: We recommend to use the web app or mobile browser, if you are having an issue with the mobile app.

Type on your mobile browser and login to your account. You'll be able to access your courses even you're traveling or mobile.

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